Wild at Heart summer 2013



This summer collection Wild At Heart is very close to my heart! I tried to capture spirit of wild and untamed women.  This year  Wild Spirit offers – kimonos, t-shirt dresses, apron skirts, swimwear, dresses, chine headpieces and others accessories. Inspiration was wild bohemian music festivals, Mexican colorfulness, Navajo and Indian inspired accessories. Music playlist – which was one of many inspirations for this collection. Enjoy!

Wild at Heart 2013 IMG_9555 (853x1280) IMG_9616 (853x1280) IMG_9451 (853x1280) IMG_9300 (853x1280) IMG_9280 (853x1280) IMG_9241 (853x1280) IMG_9653 (853x1280) IMG_9673 (853x1280)rota6 0T3Y0636 0T3Y0622 0T3Y0579 0T3Y0492 0T3Y03080T3Y0363 peldk 0T3Y9939 0T3Y9914 0T3Y9820 0T3Y0129 0T3Y0166 (1) 0T3Y0173wild spirit skirt2. wild spirit skirt1 wild spirit dress4 wild spirit dress2barbara rota wild spirit29 wild spirit 28 mazs wild spirit 25 wild spirit 2 wild spirit27 wild spirit6 wild spirit4 wild spirit8 wild spirit14 wild spirit7 wild spirit21


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